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call center services

a comprehensive portfolio of services for your business

The company Data Call, s.r.o. provides services in the field of consulting and implementation of call center projects, with the aim of generating profit and providing quality solutions to the requirements of your customers. With our wide portfolio of services, we provide not only consultations, but above all the outsourcing of commercial call center services.
Thanks to the professional approach of our employees, we bring a balance of high quality and quantity to our partners. Our priority is to maintain long-term partner relations, thanks to a professional approach to a well-done job of projects entrusted to us. Our proposals bring optimal solutions for operating costs for our partners compared to the implementation of projects under their direction.

Active telemarketing

  • Sale of products and services
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Arrangement of business meetings
  • Mystery call/ Mystery shopping
  • Benchmark Surveys
  • Consumer surveys
  • Blitz polls
  • Testing your position and competition

Do you need to update the database, verify or add information about clients? There is active telemarketing. It will ensure market research, active contact with the customer or offer a service or product to new clients. One of the actively used services is the organization of business meetings. It saves time for you and your salespeople, who can fully devote themselves to meeting with your clients. Experienced operators equipped with excellent communication skills and experience are a guarantee of high efficiency and above-standard results.

Passive telemarketing

  • Info line / Customer line
  • Customer Center / Customer Services
  • Virtual assistant
  • Order lines
  • Helpdesk

Passive telemarketing is designed for customer needs and support. The customer can easily obtain the necessary information about the service or product, including the order. It serves as a support for marketing campaigns to which the client can respond and find out details. One of the most famous forms of passive telemarketing is helpdesk - technical support. Our priority is quality service and customer satisfaction. The pro-customer approach of the operators is essential. That is why they are regularly trained and at the same time we provide them with effective individual coaching.

Other call center services

  • Automatic voice system
  • Color numbers 0800, 0850
  • SMS marketing
  • Direct e-mailing
  • Rental and sale of databases
  • Complex solution of call center technology
  • CRM implementation and management
  • Back office activities

Our service portfolio includes a number of other additional services to support marketing or company processes. Rental and sale of databases, implementation and management of CRM as well as covering all activities in the Back office area. All work related to administration such as printing, completion and delivery of contractual documents directly to your customers. Back office in our company saves your time and money.

outsourcing of a commercial call center

Running a call center is not a cheap matter, as it requires a high one-time investment and other ongoing expenses. However, all of this will be solved by using the Data Call call center services, as there is no need to make any initial investments. By developing a tailor-made price offer, depending on the number of incoming calls, you only spend money on what we accomplished for you. With the help of call center software, we can handle the requests of several clients faster than when using a traditional telecommunications solution. Using the call center system, we can ensure the function of fast and simple data recording, playback and callback with detailed analysis. By using the IVR function, we reduce the waiting time and the number of complaints, thanks to which you increase the efficiency of your customer service and handle the requests of your clients more promptly and thoroughly.