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We support

in life you have to help each other

We consider it natural and right to support others as much as possible. Either those who need help, or those who are engaged in beneficial activities.

Nadácia kvapka nádeje


The KVAPKA NÁDEJE Foundation supports the medical and social needs of children affected by cancer. We are also trying to be a little better.

Nadácia detského kardiocentra

Children's Cardiocenter

In the Children's Cardiocenter, experts are the only one in Slovakia able to operate on children's patients, including newborns. Every child's heart operation is unique and extremely expensive, so any help is important. That is why we also support small patients.

Futsal academy Žilina

Futsal academy Žilina

We support the youth in the futsal club

Tenisový klub AS Trenčín

Tennis club AS Trenčín

We support the youth in the tennis club

Základná škola Chocholná - Velčice

Elementary school Chocholná - Velčice

We support the Elementary School by equipping it with information technology

thank you for your cooperation, we appreciate your trust